How To Join
Joining is easy, once you are within the common bond, i.e. you are living, working or studying in the area, you can apply for membership. The bond of Ballina Credit Union reached 15 miles in every direction of the main office on O’Rahilly Street, Ballina, Co.Mayo.
You can use our online calendar to schedule an appointment to set up a membership at a time that is convenient to yourself. We recommend to schedule an appointment in order to avoid delays or queues. Please click here to schedule your appointment
To join you will need three forms of identification, one from each of these three sections.
1. Evidence of Identification (must have date of birth and recent photo)
  • Current valid passport
  • Current valid driving licence
  • Age card issued by An Garda Síochana
2. Evidence of Address (dated within last 3 months)
  • Original Recent Utility Bill
  • Original Recent Bank/Credit Card Statement
  • Government Correspondence
3. Your PPS number
  • You will need to provide us with your PPS number at the account opening stage.
Why Join?
How do I Join?
To open a Minor Account (under the age of 16) the following is needed:
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s PPS number
  • Proof of parents’ address, e.g. recent utility bill dated within the last three months
  • Photographic identification & PPS number of parent/guardian
The Membership Application Forms Section offers you the option to download and fill in your information at your convenience.
The following accounts may be opened:
1. Sole Account
  • One person opens an account.
2. Joint Accounts
  • Two people can open an account together and can be joint signatories on the account. Both parties to the account will be insured.
3. Minor Accounts
  • Minors up to the age of 16 years of age can open a Minor Account.
4. Membership Application Forms
  • To apply to be a member of Ballina Credit Union simply print off the relevant application form below, fill in the details and return it to our office in person. To save time you can also email to along with evidence of identification, address and your PPSN as explained in the “How to Join” section.
  • Please note you must sign your completed application in person in one of our offices to complete your membership.
  • Application For Single membership Account…link to forms to be added
  • Application For Joint Membership Account…link to forms to be added
  • Application For Minor Account….link to forms to be added
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